About us

We have always been believers in Christ and the words of the Bible, but as we got older, the world became complicated fast.

After the spread of Covid-19, we realized the world needs more faith in humanity.

We decided to develop this community to help restore the world’s smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyDailySalvation?

It is a platform that helps you on your path to salvation. We have a new quote every morning, and inspirational sermons every Wednesday and Sunday.

Who’s behind MyDailySalvation?

We’re a team of dedicated Christians who aim to spread the word of God among the people.

Is MyDailySalvation free?

Yes, everything is free. Donations are not expected, but very much appreciated to cover our costs like hosting and licenses.

How can I help you spread the word of God?

You can help us by sharing our sermons and quotes. That helps us carry the word of God to even more people. Your contribution matters a lot!

How can I contact you?

Feedback is always welcome! You can send us a message here – we read every message.

How often is the page updated?

You can find new sermons every Wednesday and Sunday and new quotes every morning.