In this chapter, we learn YOu can pave the way for JESUS!

The chapter starts out by talking about the messengers that were sent by John the Baptist to Jesus.

They had to ask Jesus whether he’s the Coming One.

Of course, he was, but Jesus didn’t reply with a simple yes.

Anyone could say yes.

Instead, Jesus just said:

The blind see and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them.

– Matthew 10:5


What Jesus did here was not saying, but PROVING that He is the One.

He just simply described what he did, and the messengers knew that He was indeed the One.

They left without asking another question.

And we think Jesus’ approach is, as always, really good.

Maybe we should learn from that: Instead of arguing and stating opinions, let’s just state facts.


After John’s messengers left, Jesus turned to the people around Him.

They hear that John wondered whether he’s the One – but did he take it as an insult?

On the contrary.

He recognized that what John has been doing in the years prior to the arrival of Jesus.

Jesus said:

Assuredly, I say to you, among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist.

– Matthew 11:11


And John the Baptist deserves this recognition because it was he who prepared the way for our Messiah.


Pave the way for JESUS!

John the Baptist paved the way for Jesus, he prepared mankind for His first arrival.

And he did so with great success.

Now, 2000 years later, it is US who need to pave the way for our Lord and Savior!

We are not John the Baptist, we are not prophets. We are simple people.

We need to be as faithful as John was.

Nowadays, people are often confused.

They don’t live by the word of God, they deny Him!

But what can we, as simple human beings, do about this?

We already discussed this in our previous sermon, but we have to say it again: All of us need to spread the word of God!

Let GOD not only be part of your life but let Him BE your life.

Let Him be part of each and every decision you face.

Let Him be part of each and everything you do.

And when you have truly given your life to God, then you need to help others achieve the same.

Remember, the Second Coming of Christ is not a question of IF, but WHEN.

Jesus will return to earth, and he will take us to our heavenly father.

And in the meantime, we need to save as many souls as we can and prepare the world for His second coming.

Remember John: He was put into prison because he knew what was right and what was wrong – and he wasn’t afraid to state his opinion.

And neither should we be.

Let’s not be afraid of sharing our love for God with everyone, but instead, let’s pave the way for Christ together!



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