In the 14th chapter, Matthew tells us why John the Baptist died.

The chapter tells us that Herod imprisoned John.

He did so because John told him that it’s not lawful for him to have the wife of his brother.

As we know, John the Baptist was correct in saying so – and as we know, Herod is not exactly the purest person on earth.

First, Herod didn’t want to kill John because he knew that the multitudes loved him.

However, all changed when the daughter of Herodias danced for Herod on his birthday.

She asked him for John’s head – and he gave it to her.

John the Baptist was killed.


Jesus’ reaction

What did Jesus do after the disciples told Him?

He departed and went to a place to be alone.

But the multitudes followed Him – and that moved Jesus with compassion.

However, when evening came, the disciples were worried that the multitudes were hungry.

They only had five loaves of bread and two fish.

What do you think they did next? Send everyone away and have them eat somewhere else?

Not Jesus.

He ate, the disciples ate, and everyone ate too – which, according to Matthew, were about five thousand men, women, and children!


Jesus was not the only one to walk on water

Now after that, Jesus went on a mountain to pray.

And when He was done, His boat was in the middle of the sea – so Jesus walked to it.

On the water.

When he closed in on the boat, Peter said:

Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.

And Jesus did.

Peter was walking on the water.

This is actually a detail that a lot of people don’t know!


What should we learn from the death of John the Baptist?

It’s good to know why and how John the Baptist died.

But what can we learn from this?

We think that there’s an important lesson to be learned: State what you believe in!

If you believe in Good just like John the Baptist did, don’t back down when you are being told otherwise.

Does this situation feel familiar to you:

You tell someone about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

And they are upset about it.

You hear things like God doesn’t exist (a ridiculous statement) and other blasphemous things.

Now, what do you do?

Do you become silent or do you still state what you believe in?

Are you a proud believer in Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit?

Because John the Baptist never let anyone shut him down.

He never changed his opinion and could always tell right from wrong.

Even death didn’t scare him.

And Jesus loved him for that!

We KNOW that Jesus loves you already, but His love to you will only increase if you help spread the word!

Never back down.

Spread the word.

Like we all do.




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